Sabrina Recoules-Quang

Vietnamese, born in France, Sabrina is currently based in London. Alongside making and performing in puppetry and shadow theatre for five years, she has shaped her improvisation practice in London and Berlin with LISPA. She is now exploring the similarities and synergies between shadow theatre, embodiment and computational practice.

Introspections or interactions, Sabrina’s installations made of wood, paper, automata and found objects invite us to an emotional and playful response. In her imaginary worlds, animated projections and recorded voices share their memories when shadows, puppets and masks reveal the truth. Computation helps the process of amplification and distortion, making things move and speak.

Her creations have been performed and exhibited in London, Berlin, Paris and Malta. Her work mainly experimental, explores themes of motherhood, identity and memories. Always on the edge, between darkness and light, looking for rising again out of the frame. “Riding a pillow / in a car park / Bumping into / An old Cox style car / Feeling guilty /But actually amazed / That I could ride and /Be so light and free.” Berlin 2015).

Artiste , semeuse d'histoires à dormir debout en théatre d'ombres et de lumières , marionnette et masques en silhouette. Fabricatrice d' improvisations visuelles de paysages et de personnages fantasmés.