Sabrina Recoules-Quang

Vietnamese, born in France, I am currently researching Smart textile for puppetry purpose at the Royal college of Arts after achieving an MFA in computational art at Goldsmiths. Alongside making and performing in puppetry and shadow theatre for five years, I have shaped my improvisation practice in London and Berlin with LISPA and performed and exhibited in London, Berlin, Paris and Malta.
Introspections or interactions, my installations made of wood, paper, automata and found objects invite the audience to an emotional and playful response. In my imaginary worlds, animated projections and recorded voices share their memories when shadows, puppets and masks reveal the truth.

Our true identity is like a crystal, made of extended faces not to be seen at the same time. Society gives us its mask to wear, thus giving us an “over- identity” that can fit in. Coming from Vietnamese background, raised within the French culture and living in UK, mother and artist … my work explores the impact of new technologies on our perception of identity, or sense of belonging and our relations with the human and non-human "Other"

“L’affection is each such state considered as an encounter between the affected body and a second, affecting, body … " (Massumi, Plateaus xvi)
Shadows are not always black, they can disperse into an endless spectrum of colours if projected on a screen. The screen will reveal them.
 Various types of screens can bring in many different characters of encounters. Computer vision helps the process of revelation. The computer adds a new dimension, a new inter-mediation between ourselves and our extended bodies.

Artiste , semeuse d'histoires à dormir debout en théatre d'ombres et de lumières , marionnette et masques en silhouette. Fabricatrice d' improvisations visuelles de paysages et de personnages fantasmés.