Next exhibition in September 2018 , provisionally entitled “ Between 0 and 1 (Listen and look)”. The installation, a networks of artifacts, will invite us to share the experience of the its uncanny space from within.

13th of October 2017 'Virtuality Mortality' event curated by as a part of Ugly Duck’s ‘Real/Virtual’ programme.London

7th of September 2017Look at the Other, mask performance. St James Church, New Cross London

sept 2016/sept 2018
Theatre du 1k will benefit from Sabrina 's enrolment in a MFA in Computational Art at Goldsmith University in London.

Feb 2016
"Put seeds in the box, roots them down to fit"

- A combination of video projections and mask theatre inspired by Sabrina's own journey as a 2nd generation of migrant. The Malta Drama Center hosted Sabrina Recoules Quang and Andrea Grancini, for one week of R&D.

Oct 2015
METAMORPHOSIS , inspired by the life and the artwork of Leonora Carrington

- The show in progress has been part of Boiler Room at the Suspense Festival, Little Angel theatre. A collaboration with Lulu Radinger of