"Always on the edge, between darkness and light, looking for rising again out of the frame. “Riding a pillow / in a car park / Bumping into / An old Cox style car / Feeling guilty /But actually amazed / That I could ride and /Be so light and free.” written by Sabrina in Berlin, 2015).

Sabrina is currently enrolled in an MFA in Computational art at Goldsmiths University in London. She is exploring the similarities and synergies between shadow theatre, puppetry , embodiment and computational practice. More specifically , she is interested in how new technologies are shaping new cultural/social identities and sense of belonging and how they set human interactions in the uncanny space of computation. you can follow her experimentations.

Her creative journey is documented

Sabrina's last mask performance installation is a mix of digital and analog technologies .Her process is shared @ Look at the Other, mask performance.

Her next project is provisionally entitled “ Between 0 and 1 (Listen and look at the others)”. The installation, a networks of crafted artifacts, will invite us to share the experience of the its uncanny space from within.